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The Best Books I've Read About Forex Trading:

No book can make you successful. Consider the knowledge you gain from the works below as additional tools in your tool chest.

These Amazon links are affiliate links. I get a tiny commission if you choose to make purchases through them. It doesn't cost you more, but it helps support my work. Thanks!

  • "The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires" - Get it on Amazon
    • I know the title sounds sensational, but Trend Following is the best strategy I have ever encountered. Soon, it will be the only thing I trade.
  • "Naked Forex" - Get it on Amazon
    • I don't agree with everything in this book. But, it's a great introduction to Forex and will teach you a lot about support and resistance trading. It also talks about testing your system and strategy, which I firmly believe in.
  • "No Shortcuts To The Top" - Get it on Amazon
    • It's about mountaineering, not trading, but it might be the best book about trading I've read. If you want to lean patience and perseverance over the course of many years, read it (not to mention it's a great story).
  • "Expert Advisor Programming For MetaTrader 4" - Get it on Amazon
    • Best and most simplistic explanation of coding robots I have found. You might need some basic programming experience, but this can help get you started.
  • "High Probability Trading Strategies" - Get it on Amazon
    • An interesting take on dual timeframe strategies.
  • "Inventory Trading" - Get it on Amazon
    • This book talks about thinking of your trades as projects or inventory. I like the mentality because it takes pressure off of your system and puts you back in the driver's seat as a trade manager.