Robot House Trading

Frequently Asked Questions

What robots are you using?

I've written an article about that here. It's important that you read it and understand the mindset behind acquiring profitable trading robots.

What strategies are you using?

I am currently trading short-term (15 minute). The robots I use execute trades based on technical indicators (MACD, oscillators, simple moving averages). I only tradea  few currency pairs. I can't share the exact entry and exit information here because the robots I use were built by other people. I purchased them. It wouldn't be ethical for me to freely share other people's work. With that said, there are thousands of strategies that can work and be profitable. In my opinion, what works is gaining experience, practice and knowledge managing trades, not a magic strategy.

Tell me how to become a profitable trader?

That's sort of like asking, "Tell me how to have a great marriage." It's a loaded question. And, I'm not sure exactly how to answer it other than to recommend you learn as much as you can. Watch all of my trading videos. Listen to podcasts by Rob Booker (The Booker Report, Trade For a Living). Read the work of Scott Welsh. These are the people I have emulated to the best of my ability.

Do you sell any robots?

No, but I am considering that as an option.

Can you help me code a trading robot?

Sort of. I don't have time to provide individual consulting services, but I have started a member's forum where I help people learn how to build trading robots.

Have you seen or used this robot (Expert Advisor) that I found?

No, early on in my research I found some robots that work for me. I haven't looked at very any new ones since. If I were you I would thoroughly test any Expert Advisor I was considering using and then make a decision from there. You're in the driver's seat here, it's all up to you.

Can I send you my system or robot for you to analyze?

I'm sorry, I don't have time for that sort of thing.

Will you send me your robot for me to learn from?


What books would you recommend for Forex trading?

See the list here.

Why don't you use the Finch robot anymore?

Mostly because I prefer systems that trade less often and with a stop-loss. I cover this in detail in this video: Question Answer Session and here Learning From Loss