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This is what it takes to win

I got off a plane in Chicago this evening and immediately made a stop off at the closest restaurant for some dinner and a beer. During my meal, a story aired on the TV in front of me that caught my attention.

A guy named Takkarist McKinley (a football player in the NFL) was being interviewed about his upbringing, and, his story basically goes like this:

He is born into a family without much in the way of money or prospects. Before he is even 10 years old, his mother gets into trouble, losing herself in drugs. Takkarist, at this point, is basically left to fend for himself (until his grandma steps in). Aging, and in poor health, she cares for him anyway, demanding he comes home directly from school every day to keep him out of trouble. In short order, however, a series of strokes leaves her disabled and unable to be the provider that Takkarist needs. So, the roles reverse, and, at 11 years old Takkarist begins to care for her instead. He comes home after school every day to feed and bathe his grandmother. Again, he's 11 at this point in his life. This goes on for a number of years until he is in high school, at which point her health worsens. On her death bed, he promises her that he will make something of himself. It's the last thing she hears. She smiles, and dies.

Fast forward and Mr McKinley is drafted into the NFL. 

Now, I will readily admit that determination alone perhaps didn't get him there. No amount of chicken breasts or squat racks would place me in the National Football League, but think about this guy's motivation for a moment.

He works his tail off before he is even a teenager to help one of the few people in his life who tried to make a difference for him. He learns very early, how hard life can be. And, in the closing moments of the bond with his grandmother he makes her a promise. After that, I bet you he worked his ass off. I bet he's one of the most determined people you'll ever meet. With that kind of background and that kind of commitment, that guy wasn't going to stop. He was going to find a way to win, no matter what.

Now, you may not be a big fan of American Football. I'm not either, but that's not the point.

Trading is hard. Sometimes, it's going to frustrate you to no end. I know I feel that way once in a while. So, what is your motivation? How bad do you want it? Why are you doing this?

Takkarist had a story and a reason. And, when things got tough, when he wasn't sure he could do it, he dug down deep and drew from that motivation. 

You need a reason to win. Trading is too hard to approach it casually. 

I hate the corporate world. I despise the political hierarchy. The misguided objectives drive me insane. I hate it so much that I don't care what it takes to win on my own, I will find a way. 

That's what it takes; you need a reason.

John DeVries