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I like quiet mornings

Quiet mornings are when I get my best work done. I'm experiencing one right now. Everyone is in bead, it's dark outside. All I can here is the click-clack of my keyboard backdropped by the sound of the heating unit. It's -1 F. outside in Chicago.

These are the moments where I do my best thinking, where I create new ideas, where I get most excited about what might happen or who I might become. My mind is finally free to fill the empty space with my ambitions and imagination.

They're not always easy spaces to find. Sometimes I meet them tired, but pushing through almost always rewards me.

People say they don't have time to do the things they know need their attention. Do you feel that way? Where could you find a few quiet hours? Perhaps, a couple of minutes here or there every day after everyone else is resting, could (over the course of time) change your life.

John DeVries